2020 ‚óŹ Case Study

Web Apps ● API's


The Client

Master Science Lab

Cooperate in the improvement and optimization of professional skills, through the rigorous organization of current, differentiated and, otherwise, inaccessible to the Portuguese public.

Reference in certified specialized training in the area of Health and Sport Sciences

Offering its customers a wide variety of specialized training in order to promote human beings, contributing to their continuous improvement, helping them to achieve an effective and differentiating professional performance. Generate knowledge of excellence in order to be recognized as a training center that obeys and is governed by the highest quality standards.

Master Science Lab
Portugal, São Félix da Marinha


Although the Master Science Lab has an institutional website, fully informative which allowed its customers to consult information about existing courses, the need to sell their training offer online.

By adopting online sales and automating various processes, Master would be able to reach more customers, increasing the sale of its courses and at the same time saving and reducing process time for its employees.

Remembering Master would already have several defined internal processes, third-party software where the entire training offer is managed, billing software, manual sales and emails also sent manually.

All of these points would have to be taken when designing the new platform.


Understanding Master's internal processes as well as its third party services, a whole new web platform (an e-commerce) was built, where it was possible to integrate all these processes as well as the information coming from third parties.

In this way it was possible to make the website dynamic, autonomous and without the need for double data insertion. Also as the objective is to become an online store, it was necessary to implement and automate payment methods as well as to communicate with the billing software.

Regarding payment methods, two systems were implemented, payment by ATM references and Paypal. Also on this point, thinking about customers, the possibility of phased payments (in several parts) was conceived, but only for payments via ATM references.

The entire strategy was rethought of emails related to the online store, in order to automate all emails related to purchases, payments, reminders and cancellation of purchases.



After a few months of analysis and development, the new E-Commerce platform from Master Science Lab was built.

The website has a completely new, user-friendly and responsive design, in order to be effective on any device.

Thus making it possible to sell online courses, with several research and purchase options.

The platform was implemented with all objectives met. It is also fully configurable / manageable through a custom made backoffice.

The Master Science Lab now makes it possible for any of its customers (trainees) to have the possibility and the facility to enroll in its great training offer in the area of health and sport, with all the convenience, safety and anywhere


Integrations with Third Party Software
Customizable and Automatic Emails
Multiple Payment Methods
Configurable SEO
All dynamic content
Possibility of Payment by Installments
Customized backoffice
Campaigns and Vouchers
Sales charts and metrics
ERP integration
Integration with billing software
Integration with Email Marketing Service


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